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Adtran Total Access 850 Modular Integrated Access Device (Complete System) for sale in Daytona Beach, FL buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

ANTRAN TOTAL ACCESS - Modular Integrated Access Device - $500 THIS IS A COMPLETE SYSTEM AND ALL MODULARS ARE LISTED BELOW ARE INCLUDED. THIS UNIT IS PRETTY NEW AND WORTH OVER $1,800!! CALL (386) 227-6150 =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Adtran Total Access 850 AC Chassis Modular Integrated Access Device Part Number: 1200375L1 Product information: The Total Access 850 is a modular Integrated Access Device (IAD) with two common slots and eight access slots for integrated voice and data applications * Cost-effective T1 TDM or T1 ATM IAD depending on the controller module installed * Supports voice-only or voice and data (up to 24 FXS/FXO interfaces) applications * Integral FT1/DSX-1 port (activated by BCU L2 or RCU) * Integral IP router (10/100Base-T Ethernet interface), SNMP, and V.35 Nx56/64 interface for integrated data support and Internet access activated with any versionof the RCU * Special AB slot for Nx56/64 data module (activates V.35 DTE when BCU L1/L2 is installed in system controller slot) * 50-pin female Amphenol connector for subscriber loop terminations * Total Access 850 requires two common modules, a PSU, and a BCU or RCU for operation * 48 VDC (Optional external 115 VAC, 50 watts) =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Total Access 850 AC Power Supply/Battery Charger Part Number: 1175043L3 Provides an AC power source for DC-powered Total Access chassis Integral charging circuit for Total Access battery backup systems Mounts to side of Total Access 750/850 chassis or battery backup system FCC, NEBS Level 3, and UL 1950 compliant Compact with modular connections, status LED, auxiliary ground stud, and user accessible fuse Provides uninterrupted 48VDC power output when battery backup system (1175044Lx) connected =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Adtran Total Access 850 PSU Power Supply Unit Card Part Number:1175006L2 Product information. * Required for operation of Total Access 750/850 * Supports 48 VDC applications * AC battery charger available for AC powered applications * Integral ring generator (20 Hz ring voltage) =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Adtran Total Access 850 RCU Controller Card Part Number: 1200376L1 Product information: TA 850 Router Control Unit is an on board support for DSX-1, V.35 and IP/IPX Router. All physical interfaces on TA 850 chassis (rear panel). Also contains T1 network interface. =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Adtran Total Access 850 3rd Gen. Echo Canceller w/ ADPCM Part Number:1203384L2 Product information. G.168 compliant echo canceller for use with the 1st generation Total Access 850 T1 RCU with VoATM software. Provides 24 ports of echo cancellation. Required for VoATM applications that use the T1 RCU. Supports 24 channels of 32K ADPCM (G.726). Not required with 3rd generation RCU (1203376L1) =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Adtran Total Access 850 V.35 Nx56/64 Module (FXS) Part Number: 1175408L2 Product information. * Activates the V.35 interface on the rear of the Total Access 850 chassis when used in conjunction with a BCU L1 or L2 * Synchronous operation up to 1.536 Mbps in increments of 56/64 kbps * One module per 850 chassis * Module fits in special AB slot * Module is not required to activate V.35 interface if an RCU is installed =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Total Access 750/850/1500 Blank Plug Part Number: 1175099L1 5x Blank module plug used for covering open slots =============================++++++++++++++++++++++========================= Network Interface Blocks Part Number: S66M1-50R The M1-50 is a proven, econom... - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist